Our parental attitude…

The first part included a breif characteristics concerning parents’ positive attitudes that are welcome the most. The second part is dedicated to the negative parental attitudes which stunt the development of the realistic realism of ourselves. A child cannot acquire knowledge or realise how good or bad he is, and what’s more, he is not […]

The Reading Time – Start reading!

Reading books is an activity that has been known for ages. We remember sitting on our grandparents’ or parents’ laps and listening fairy tales and stories. Reading fairy tales to children is priceless. We not only develop our children’s imagination, broaden their vocabulary, make them more sensitive or transmit some values. Thanks to reading we […]

Student Aid- priority for each school.

A few remarks on the catalogue of special educational needs in psychological and pedagogical counselling The new school year 2017/2018 is fast approaching, so I will first present the issues related to assistance for students with special educational needs. Helping the student should be the priority in every school. It is worth reminding the circumstances, […]

Change your life now!

Think for a while, what’s the best investment in the future, not only your own but also your children, which you have or will have. I’ll give you a hint… it’s a timeless value: foreign languages. I’m sure you’d want your child to know at least one language. But do you think they would want […]