About Us

Agnieszka Andrys

Holds a Master’s degree in education. She graduated from English philology studies, childcare education studies and postgraduate studies in management of educational establishments. For 4 years, she’s been a full-time mom of a 4 year-old boy – Franco, and at the same time an English teacher.

Where did the idea for a book and, above all, creation of this blog come from?

Foreign languages are her passion, that’s why she decided to teach her son English from birth even before he was born. She started to become interested in emotional intelligence and neuropsychology, read a dozen or so books on child’s development – how children absorb language, as well as what methods may be used to learn a language faster, and thereby – to transfer knowledge to children faster. During pregnancy, she had no idea what this would result in, but now she knows that it was the best decision she’d made in her entire life. That’s why she wants to share her experiences and advice with you, to show you what to do and how to do it to make your child learn a language subconsciously. Your decision is a step into a completely new world, where language is a part of everyday

life and a great fun. She will also explain how a child’s brain develops and why your child can learn 4 different foreign languages before their 4th birthday. Those are the secrets or the brain – places we talk little about, even though so much depends on them. We invite you to learn languages together: English, French and Spanish. She will show you how to learn together with your child, what studying methods to choose, what to watch and what to read to your children to turn the language into a lifestyle.

Take up the challenge and join her by taking a peek into the world of “Mum and Franco”.


Olga Kosiorek

An educator, a nominated teacher with many years of experience. She graduated from education studies, postgraduate studies in “Management”, and OHS studies. She currently works on the position of the Head of the Non-public Kindergarten in Warsaw, where she makes sure that children enter and leave the institution with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. In her private life, she is a mother of three wonderful children, but as she repeatedly claims – she treats all children she works with like her own. Working with children gives her a lot of satisfaction. She helps not only children and teachers, but also parents, who turn to her with numerous problems she tries her best to solve.


“The Kindergartener’s World” is her headquarters, where – in cooperation with our psychologist – she will tackle numerous issues and problems parents of kindergarteners grapple with, not only in institutions, but also in everyday life.


Magdalena Dybizbańska – Wojcieszyk

Holds a Master’s degree in pedagogy and is a therapist for children with special educational needs. She is a specialist in the field of Blue Card procedures (domestic violence). An educator with experience, for whom the good of the child is the priority – which often causes conflicts with teachers resistant to changes in the education system. She doesn’t forget that she’s in the school for the children, and not the other way round. In her private life, she is a mother of the 19-year-old Kajetan; she is familiar with theoretical and practical principles for dealing with an adolescent child. She likes animals, especially cats. She loves high mountains – our Tatras, and she invites you to hike together.

In her life, she follows the principle: “If I can help – I will help”. She also holds in great regard the words of J. Korczak: “Children are not stupider than adults, they simply lack the experience”. She offers her advice and help!

“The Student’s World” is a place where Magda – in cooperation with our psychologist – will be at your disposal. That is here where you will be able to gain knowledge and advice concerning development, upbringing and support of schoolchildren.

Aleksandra Drożdż

English philologist and applied linguist. She acquired her foreign language education at universities in Poland and abroad – Poznan College of Modern Languages, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Stockholm University in Stockholm. She is an English teacher with many years of experience. She has a great passion of teaching foreign language to children, and she receives terrific satisfaction with each „I know”, „I understand, it’s easy”.  She assumes that every child might be encouraged to learn a foreign language  because all one needs is willingness and an individualised path of learning towards a child. In her private life, she loves to travel, is a happy married woman, and Franco’s auntie.

Along with Agnieszka, Franco’s mummy, she will encourage and motivate all parents to learn a foreign language because she believes and sees that this kind of activity brings astounding effects!

Emilia Cwojdzińska

Graduate of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, major: psychology, specialisation: clinical psychology. She graduated from a 4.5-year-long postgraduate training in psychotherapy in the cognitive and behavioural trend with elements of psychodynamic therapy, accredited by the Polish Psychiatric Association and the Polish Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy in Warsaw. Transport Psychologist.

Currently, she has her own private practice and deals with individual therapy for mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and personality disorders. She conducts therapy for adults, children and teenagers.

Emilia has a very significant role here. Thanks to her support and knowledge we can find some solutions for problems we put forward on our website.Remember that she is here also for you. She can advise you if you have some difficult questions.