How to finally learn the language?

Have you tried many times and never had results? It happens to everyone, not just you. You resigned and finally come up with excuses why YOU can not learn the language:

–  too much work
–  bad weather
–  I’m too old
–  I am stupid
–  I do not have talent to languages
– The teacher can not teach me
–  I’m tired
–  I need to rest
–  I have a baby
– I have to do the shopping and clean the house
Sounds familiar? Do you want me to say more?

Something that we do best
There are thousands excuses and justifications, thanks to which we do not feel guilty. It is surprising how quickly people can build a wall around their own life, which over the years is getting higher, difficult to jump over. What are the results?

– depression

– being moody

– reluctance to meet people

– complaining

– jealousy

– talking about other people behind their back

– tendency to hate other people

Take the example from kids

The child is not looking for excuses, if it was, it would never learned to walk, talk or ride a bike. See how many times they get their knee up, overturn or speak a bad word before they come to perfection. Let’s take an example from children:

regularity – find the time to repeat at least 2 minutes a day, it will allow you to memorize new words better and faster. Stop repeating that you have no time, because it’s just a matter of day planning.

courage – finally start changing your world – Your life will change when you change yourself. Dare to speak, repeat the words you learn, learn in sentences just as children learn the language.

mistakes – they are for us to see what progress we are doing in our learning. Do not be embarrassed to make mistakes because they teach you. If you are not sure how to say a sentence or how to pronounce a specific word – ASK. Ask your colleague, your teacher, your neighbour or just… write to me.

learn the world – learn what you need. If you are bringing up a child and you want to introduce English into your everyday life – focus on toys, indoor spaces, phrases: “where are your shoes?” or “let’s play hide and seek!” If you are a student, focus on what you will do in the future. Maybe everyday language… at the airport or in the shop. If you have a job and you want to look for a work abroad focus on professional vocabulary, words you will need. Everything depends on your needs and your goals in life.

– listen – children from the very beginning listen to the language and do not say anything a year sometimes two, but they keep listening. Their brains encode words for later use. Therefore, listen to foreign radio or TV stations wherever you are and whatever you do, in the car, at work, while cleaning or cooking etc.

At first, you may or even must understand nothing, but with time you will notice how many words you have learned.

Do not be shy with people, change your way of thinking from “I can not” to “I CAN!”. The first change must happen in your mind, because without it you will not learn anything even if you do everything to learn. If you only read and listen and you are afraid to talk, then know that you will never speak in a foreign language, because your fear of making mistakes will not allow you to use the skills you have. Thanks to mistakes we do learn. People, who do not make mistakes do not learn any lessons.

I keep my fingers crossed!

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