Kids Club – what to think about and what to choose?

You wonder what to do with your kid who is too young to go to the kindergarten, but you want to provide them with a place where they can spend their time among peers, playing and gaining first experiences in their ‘little world’?

If so, I have a solution for you. Have you ever thought about sending your child to Kids Club? Your main concern about this place is that you are afraid of constant infections your child will have while staying in such a big group. However, remember that infections are everywhere, and being in contact with germs will surely strengthen your child’s immunity system. Sooner or later you’ll encounter your child’s first runny nose, the first cough and… do not be afraid of it. That is why it is sometimes worth looking at the positive aspects of the Kids Club that can have a good effect on your child’s further emotional development, and consequently it will certainly facilitate pre-school adaptation later.

What are the positive sites of the Kids Club?

For many kids, spending time in the Kids Club is a good introduction to their first visit to the kindergarten. First of all, children learn social interaction and establish a bond with their peers. Thanks to careful observation of their colleagues, they imitate other’s behavior and learn independence. They develop their imagination and creativity. Fun and games are to help them develop the skills they already have. Many problems we face at home find their solution while staying together in a group where children become more independent, trying to eat, button-up and put on shoes on their own…

There is also a place for you, dear parents. If you can not yet part with your child, you can participate in club activities, which will help you to get used to the decision of leaving the child in the care of the educator, trust him and convince yourself that your decision is right. However, remember, when deciding on this important step in your life, you should choose the right facility.

What to think about when choosing a place?
It is worth looking for such a kindergarten which also offers some activities in Kids Club. Why? Remember that the child gets very accustomed to the environment in which he/she resides, makes emotional ties with those who care for him/her or the children he/she is in. Therefore, your child staying in the same facility will not be exposed to stress, which is associated with the next adaptation. This place will be associated with a nice, warm atmosphere where they spent time at joyful play, where they will meet their club friends, and it may turn out that even Auntie will be the same. Then, the success is assured and the adaptation will be much easier.

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