A creative parent – how to make our child interested in a foreign language with no costs.

Have you ever thought what you can do for your child just to enrich his language development? No doubt, you have. Thinking about his language development, have you cosidered the costs that are tightly connected with this development: additional lessons, courses, games and interavtice toys? No doubt, you have. Have you thought, at least once, what you can do for your child in order to help him develop his skills without bearing the costs? I assume, you haven’t.

What makes me think like that? The answer is simple. Nowadays, people are overwhelmed by consumerism and the easy availability of various products, games, apps that create a phenomenon that it’s easier to go to the nearest store and buy the most popular toy that „does the thing”, namely teach your child. Some people believe that simple interactive toys, additional English lessons or the latest apps on your child’s phone make that your kids will speak in a foreign language just at once. No! Everything what was mentioned above (products, games, toys) plays such a different role. All of these things should erich the language development of your child as well as improve their skills or set in train a big love to a foreign language. So, what can we do to start our journey with a foreign language? We can do a lot – talk, explain, show and repeat in a creative way. Be a creative parent!

Let’s picture that your place of living is a box full of surprises. Try to make a good use of it. Try to make of this place that you have at hand with no costs. Change your kitchen into a place where you not only cook but create along with your child. One day your kitchen might become a leading kitchen that belongs to a famous cook where you and your child preapre a meal or bake a cake together. A cooperative cooking time is a great chance for your child to learn some names of the products, vegetables, fruit and terms connected with cookery (cut, chop, stir, pour, strain, wash, peel etc.). Another day, the same kitchen may become a shop where you do your shopping. You can use new phrases such as: „Good morning how can I help you?”, „Four apples, three pears and a kilo of strawberries, please” are only exaples. Your imagination gives you many possibilities. Your bathroom might be a swimming pool, the hairdresser’s or dental surgery. Your living room can change into cinema „Two tickets please”, „How much does this ticket cost?”, „What time does the movie start?”. You can also change your dining room, it may become a resturant „Could you pass me the salt?, „I would like a glass of water”, „This soup is delicious”. All of these phrases are only examples just to show what and how you can do it.

Dear parent, try to get in a child’s world and have a look what is around by his eyes. It is natural that you start from the very beginning: „apple, fridge, spoon, chair, ticket” and you will broaden your child’s knowledge with time: „this is an apple”, „one spoon”, „good soup”, „my toothbrush” just to make full phrases in the end: „one spoon of salt”, „tomato soup is delicious”, „where is my toothbrush” etc. Your regularity and your involvement makes that the whole process of learning become great and natural pleasure without financial burden.

Spending time with your child is much more than a new toy or a popular app. Your time with your child is your investement that brings some fruits sooner that you may expect.



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