With or without a diaper.

The moment your kid starts to use a toilet and do not want to wear a diaper is a huge step in their life. What can you do to make it happen?

Remember – you cannot force your child to pee into the potty, it is better to wait for a perfect moment. Some babies very easily use the toilet, but there are also those who need a lot more time to do it. If your child is two years old and still peeing in the diaper, do not worry – nothing by force.

But… we are facing the dilemma of going to the kindergarten and what now with diapers?

This is certainly a big challenge, but we have to accept the fact that our baby will enter its kindergarten with a smile but… in a diaper. And at this point it is very important to cooperate with the institution – the guidelines that will be given to you will certainly be very valuable and must necessarily be implemented in your everyday life. By observing your baby the teachers in the kindergarten will pay attention to the baby and signals it gives when desire to pee, for example, hides behind the furniture or touches where the diaper is. Then we have the opportunity to try… we sit a baby on a potty or a toilet with a place mat and in silence we listen whether this is the moment. We can help our kid by using the diminutive words associated with peeing, which we will constantly repeat in this action. Hearing this, the baby will react by peeing, and then it is very important to show your joy and, of course – PRAISE and even maybe a slight “bribe” as a small prize. Shouting “HOORAY” or dance showing our happiness will be advisable!

Dear Parent, but it is not always so easy. Sometimes children are very resistant and it is difficult to get them used to the new habit. Many times parents use very drastic methods, for example, leaving the baby in wet panties for a long time, which cause a great deal of discomfort due to the unpleasant feeling of moisture and “burning bottom”. Then, the child in order to avoid this unpleasant sensation, tells us that he wants to use the potty. Personally, I’m not a supporter of such a solution, but if milder methods fail, it is worth checking out such a solution, as well. Let’s hope you do not have to use such unpleasant methods if do not want to do so J. Still, I suggest to be patient and carry some sets of panties for change, just in case J.

Your calmness, self-control and determination will be very helpful in achieving your goal! Remember, that the best time to teach your child to use the potty is a holiday – when it is warm and your baby can wear longer the same panties.

What if an older child still has some problems with diapers?

 Sometimes five or six year olds have not yet learned to use the toilet. This problem requires a strong psychologist consultation, because it can be caused by a psychological block. Then the above tips may not work and you need to follow the advice of a specialist. You are probably wondering what may be the cause…

The reason for this block can be different, eg pain caused by inflammation of the urinary passage or injury experienced while sitting on the toilet. Another reason may be the lack of patience of the person trying to get the child used to using the toilet at all costs. Saying the wrong phrases, such as SIT!, NOW! QUICK!, which cause child’s negative emotions, such as fear or anxiety, which may have the opposite effect.

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