Music and it’s influence on science.

Have you ever thought how music influence our lives? Let’s think about it – Music  gives us energy, motivates us, mitigates and relaxes, generally it makes our time pleasant. However, we haven’t mentioned one of the most important thing, namely, music and foreign words – teach us!

The music world and the world of learning a foreign language are tightly connected and having an enermous and significant impact on children, teenagers and adults’ development. Let’s start from the youngest. From scientists’ point of view, music stimulates the brain’s development and nervous system at 26 weeks pregnant! Hence, a child in the womb can responds to different sounds and tunes. Appropriate music has a vital role in receiving certain stimulus over the whole period of child’s development. Thanks to music, we can foster foreign abilities, improve our concentration, a level of the creativity is higher and learning of writing and reading is much easier. Listening foreign songs by children is a very profitable way of learning – children can learn a lot and remember much more than we can expect.

You have to use the tools that are close at hand. Make a list of your favourite English songs searching through the websites devoted to foreign languages. A list might be divided into calm songs – you can use them when your little ones go to bed; and a list of energetic songs that might accompany children during a whole day. Try to pay attention to your song, the text should be simple and pronounced, it also should have rhymes that help children to remember certain words. Try to repeat the same songs for a couple of days and make a short break afterwards. Few days later go back to the songs and you realize that a child distinguishes a simple melody in the twinkling of an eye and he repeats single words on his own. It really works! 😊

Children as well as teenagers who are able to read and write can use foreign songs in many ways. One of the methods recoomended by teachers is karaoke. It’s nice and useful combination. We have to choose our favourite song with lyrics and we can sing with our idol. Obviously, we might have some concerns that our pronunciation is not good enough or we cannot keep up with a melody etc. Don’t worry! Firstly, you should listen a song several times and track displayed words equally. You should also repeat the most difficult words loudly and clearly. What’s more, try to choose karaoke where the lyrics pop up successively along with singing. It’s a solution that simplifies keeping up with a singer and learning a foreign language becomes pleasure.

A perfect method of learning a foreign language is translating and completing the lyrics. Here, youth as well as adults can prove themselves. Choose your favourite song and find the lyrics too. Next, you have to translate the lyrics on your own and compare your translation with the original afterwards. The following method is completing the text with some gaps. Listen your favourite song and complete the text then check everything in an original vesion.

Writing about learning through the lyrics, it’s worth mentioning about flashcards. It’s a great solutuion for people of all ages. There is nothing more than making small cards where you can jot down English words with translation on the back of it. These flashcards can be hitched to  a mirror or a cupboard, or you can browse them on the way. Flashcards method is simple and effective, however it requires more involvement and patience.

Music and its whole world is a perfet method how we can learn a foreign language. Listen, sing and repeat – the effects come sooner than you expect! 😊


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