A new family member – when is the right time to send the older siblings to kindergarten?

There is a time when our kid has reached pre-school age, and we are expecting another baby.

We are wondering, if it is the best time to send an older child to a kindergarten. Contrary to appearances, this decision is not easy. The appearance of a new member of our family is a big change for our older child and we have to prepare them to it, in a very gentle way. Unfortunately, there is another problem when we want to send the older one to the kindergarten. And  there is a question… When? Before or after childbirth?

Many parents want to avoid the situation in which their child may feel rejected and unloved, therefore, they decide to send the older sibling to the kindergarten only after the birth of the second child. Then, they may have serious problems. The newborn baby consumes all the time the mother has, which until now has been dedicated to an older child. At this point, the lack of interest from the parents may affect the mentality and the behaviour of the older child.

What could be the effects?

Jealousy can be presented in very different ways. Some children, to attract attention, will be sad or apathetic, which may even suggest an illness. Others, in turn, will be aggressive and  angry towards younger siblings. To avoid this, you need to find a golden mean that will not only make it easier for your child to adapt to the new situation, but will also help them to accept it.

Other solutions?
A few months before the labour, you need to prepare your kid to go to the kindergarten. Show them how great other kids play in the playground in front of the kindergarten nearby, talk about the kindergarten as a place full of joy and love, and when it is time, take them to the kindergarten. Sending an older kid before the birth of another baby is certainly the best option. Why? While a younger sibling is not yet born, they will be able to get used to the new place, and therefore they will not feel that the birth of a younger brother or sister has caused them to go to the kindergarten or getting rid of them from the house – it will become a part of everyday life.

Surely, these changes will be fundamental to the child – they will be in a new environment, will meet new children, a kindergarten teacher and if they accept a place much earlier, place where they spend their time, they will not associate going to the kindergarten with a newborn brother or sister.

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