First days at school – a new step in children’s and parents’ life.

According to the first amendment to the Act on the Education System children start school at the age of 7 after one year of pre – school education at the age of 6. Entering upon the school age means significant changes not only for parents but also for children.

There are some hints for a start:

  1. While talking to your family, friends and other parents don’t admit that you are afraid of changes in the presence of your child.
  2. Don’t promise to your child that it will be nice and easy – talk about difficult situations that may happen.
  3. Tell your child who he can ask for help if a problem crops up, for example: a missing pen, fights, a lack of a pencil case, a headache etc.
  4. Prepare yourself to say goodbye quickly and with a smile on your face. Remember that you leave your child with an experienced group of people.
  5. Take you child for a trip to school and show him/her the surroundings or check the school website paying attention to trips, parties, festivals which other students took part in in previous years. Inculcate that school is not related only with learning and duties but also with some pleasant things.
  6. Talk to your child about being systematic and responsible. From the very beginning try to encourage your child to do his/her homework at the same hour daily. Do it step by step playing and spurring them to study.
  7. Stay close to your child, help but don’t take him off his hands.
  8. Let your child pack his backpack on his own. If he forgets something, remind him.
  9. Pay attention to your child’s behavior during his first days at school.If you child is always active, full of energy, happy, curious, talkative and suddenly he becomes quiet,withdrawn, tired and vice-versa, it can be indicative of the magnitude of problem that he has to tackle.
  10. Try not to ask questions like: ‚How was at school?”.Try to ask: „Who needed help?”,Who didn’t have lunch?”, „What did you like the most at school?”,”Did anybody hurt you?, „Did anybody praise you?”,”Did anybody give you five?”,”Did anybody smiled at you?” etc.
  11. Pick up your child at the set time. Never be late.
  12. Contact the form master regularly.
  13. Build up your child for every small achievement even for: collecting his crayons,colouring without going out of lines,finishing a sandwich,putting his shoes on his own, etc.
  14. Dear parent, there is always a reason to praise your child. Unfortunately, we often forget about it and mostly we point at the negative attitudes.THIS IS THE WORST MISTAKE THAT PARENTS MAKE.
  15. Try not only to listen to your child but also  focus the message he wants to communicate.
  16. Tell your child about your own school experience.
  17. Remember that your emotions get into the spirit of your child. Don’t expect your child to be calm if you are nervous.

I wish you luck!

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