The choice of kindergarten – the process on which everything depends!

My first entry was devoted to adaptation, because I know that especially this stage is the most difficult for both you and your children. However, before it happens, there is still a matter of choosing a kindergarten. Exactly. Many people think – what is the problem? You look for the nearest institution, preferably the public one, because it is cheap… and this is it. But are they really the only problems when choosing the kindergarten? Choosing the facility is something that affects the next 3 or 4 years of your child’s life, affects development, self-reliance, emotional development…

What should we pay special attention to?

It is an individual and difficult decision to enroll your child to the kindergarten. It’s on you – parents, you are responsible for choosing the right place, but it is not so easy. Have you ever wondered what to pay special attention to before deciding that the institution you chose is the right one? What persuades you to send your kid to the kindergarten?

Some of you are forced to send your toddlers to the kindergarten because of your work, which is understandable. Others think their child is emotionally ready for such a challenge. However, the same question always arises – which kindergarten to choose?
Are there any things that can make it easier for us?

It usually looks like this – we go from institution to institution and we wonder which will be best – one has a beautiful room, second has cool toys, and in third work ladies who are good. The answer is short – There, where you once felt good!

Remember that you are a parent and you have a wonderful gift – intuition. To calm yourself down, make a sincere and open conversation with the person who is responsible for managing the facility. Write all your questions on the piece of paper in order to get specific and comprehensive answers. You need to feel that your interlocutor really knows everything about what he says and that he is a warm and nice person, that he or she will be able to treat your child with care. Does he/she talk about children and kindergarten with great commitment and dedication? If they do, then you have come to a good place. The person who commands the whole team has a great influence on the work and functioning of the institution. It is them who make the most important decisions that are primarily related to the development of your child. If you go out of the kindergarten and you feel that in spite of the worse rooms than in any other institutions, you feel calm and confident that people who work in it are trustworthy and inside you have a sense of good choice, it is the time to… adapt.

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