Student Aid- priority for each school.

A few remarks on the catalogue of special educational needs in psychological and pedagogical counselling

The new school year 2017/2018 is fast approaching, so I will first present the issues related to assistance for students with special educational needs.

Helping the student should be the priority in every school. It is worth reminding the circumstances, in which a given facility is obliged to live up to this task.

The Regulation of the Ministry of National Education of 17 November 2010 on granting and organisation of psychological and pedagogical support in public kindergartens, schools and institutions determines the conditions and the basis for providing assistance to students with the following problems:

Students with Special Educational Problems

  1. Physical and intellectual disability.
  2. Social maladjustment.
  3. Threatened with social maladjustment.
  4. Particularly gifted children.
  5. Students with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysorthography, dysgraphia, dyscalculia – difficulties in learning mathematics).
  6. Language communication difficulties (difficulties in mastering grammar forms, syntax, difficulties with text organisation, problems with acquiring new vocabulary, difficulties in using phrases appropriate for the situation, stuttering).
  7. Chronic diseases (asthma, diabetes, haemophilia, epilepsy, depression, psychotic disorders, anxiety, tic disorders).
  8. Crisis and traumatic situations (events, circumstances and behaviours that disturb regular lifestyle. Such situations may be caused by one traumatic factor or by persistent long-term mini-crises, negligence, conflicts, e.g. a child living in a family with an alcohol problem. A traumatic situation is a sudden event, which results in mental and somatic disorders).
  9. Adaptation difficulties (cultural differences, return of the student from abroad).
  10. Educational failures.
  11. Environmental negligence.


Every child with a certificate of disability, social maladjustment, or threat of social maladjustment, as well as every student with an opinion of a psychological and pedagogical counselling centre is obligatorily covered by counselling in kindergarten and at school. The school is responsible for preparing actions aiming at providing integrated assistance to a given student.

In the case of students without a certificate or an opinion, who often grapple with many difficulties, it is worth submitting an application to the establishment’s administration for covering the son/daughter with psychological and pedagogical counselling. The application may be submitted by a parent, a teacher who noticed the problem, and even by an adult student.

The parent is informed of the form of assistance, while each teacher is OBLIGED to comply with the recommendations included in the documentation.

You are also welcome to ask questions, for which I will give detailed answers.

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