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Think for a while, what’s the best investment in the future, not only your own but also your children, which you have or will have. I’ll give you a hint… it’s a timeless value: foreign languages. I’m sure you’d want your child to know at least one language. But do you think they would want to learn English, when you, the parent, can’t speak it, claiming – for example – that you’ve got no talent or are too old? In a few years, you may hear your seven-year-old say: “I don’t have the brain to study either”. Then what?

As parents, each one of us is a teacher of life. We show what is good and what is bad. We need to be, in a sense, experts in every field of life to not let our children down. We want them to follow our example, to be ambitious. You have to admit that everything we show our kids we had to learn beforehand – that’s just how life works. So let’s go back to English – maybe we should teach it as well? Let’s begin with ourselves, let’s start studying to later transfer the knowledge to our children.

How about teaching a foreign language since birth?

My own experiences? I used to hear: “Why are you talking to him in English, he’s only four months old?”, “Let him learn Polish first!”, “You’re messing up his head! You’re overdoing it, it’s going to end up badly. Speak like a normal person”, etc. Imagine the sheer number of demotivating comments and strange looks in the street, at a store checkout, or when visiting some family members. My son is my motivation and he gives me the perseverance. My work bore fruit no sooner than when Franco turned two, as that was when he started using single English words. Of course, he was able to understand what I was saying much earlier, as evidenced by him e.g. bringing me a teddy bear or putting candy wrappers in the thrash when I asked him to. English has become our lifestyle, and Polish doesn’t cause any troubles for him as well.

The best investment in the future?
You can give your child new shoes, a phone or a computer, but those things will become obsolete after some time. On the other hand, the knowledge you have or will get will be the greatest and most valuable gift you can give to your child. By investing in your development, you also invest in your child. YOU are the teacher they love and respect, so studying with you is easier for them, as you teach through playing. If you believe in yourself, keep being persistent and enjoy learning, your child will notice it and carry it over to their own life. You learned how to speak, ride a bicycle, cook, and many other things, and even though you needed a few years for that, you still managed to reach your goal. You made many mistakes along the way, but they just proved you tried and wasn’t giving up.

Children not only imitate the behaviour of their parents, but also react in a similarly emotional manner. They aren’t doing it on purpose; they are simply learning how to live. Be an ambitious, lively parent, demand from yourself and not from others – then, your child won’t be passive, but will become just like you. Let’s be an inspiration for our children, and let them be our motivation. Not money, a new car, an amazing trip, just our children. A time wasted cannot be turned back, so start thinking about changing your life today.

And now ask yourself…
How motivated are you? Are you satisfied with your life? Are you aware that there’s someone out there who sees more in you than you do?

Walking down the street, I see frustrated and busy people. As if they’ve forgotten about themselves, their dreams and needs. Why do they complain so much, envy others, are interested in the lives of others more than their own? The very same people expect a miracle, a better life, even though they do nothing to make this miracle come true. This is a disease. A disease of the lack of internal motivation to take action. Stop for a moment and ask yourself: “Is it good that my child learns how to live by watching me?”

Start dreaming, find your purpose in life and achieve success. You can’t cross a river in one big step, you need several smaller ones to get what you want. Stop complaining and looking for excuses when climbing the mountain, on the top of which YOUR dreams are waiting for you.

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