Grades vs knowledge.

A student, a teacher, a friend, my class, some books, homework, grades or parent-teacher meeting … these are the most common school associations mentioned by children. Let’s focus on the last two. Grades as well as parent-teacher meeting evoke anxiety or even fear, not only among children but parents too. Children usually dread to think […]

Core curriculum vs reality.

Dear parents, I’m sure that you have recently noticed that your children’s bags have become heavier. We remember times when we had only one student’s book and only one notebook concerning one subject at school. Nowadays, we may observe that our children have got a student’s book, a workbook, some worksheets and notebooks. The core […]

Questions from our readers :)

Teaching a language to your kids is an incredible adventure which you and your child can experience. 1.Is it difficult? 2.I understand a lot but I’m afraid that I’ll teach my child wrong pronunciation how to overcome it? 3.What are the advantages? 4.What are the disadvantages? 1.It is difficult only if we make believe that […]

A creative parent – how to make our child interested in a foreign language with no costs.

Have you ever thought what you can do for your child just to enrich his language development? No doubt, you have. Thinking about his language development, have you cosidered the costs that are tightly connected with this development: additional lessons, courses, games and interavtice toys? No doubt, you have. Have you thought, at least once, […]

About our parental attitudes…

The basic factor that determines the greater or lesser success of parents in upbringing their children is parents’ emotional relation to the child, i.e. their parental attitude. Happiness is determined by the intimacy, interaction with family members, which in turn creates the emotional bond and the feelings. Most of us think that the emotional relation […]